Truck Accident Lawyer Slidell Louisiana

Need a truck accident lawyer in Louisiana?

The Clayton Law Firm, located in Slidell, Louisiana, handles truck accident injury cases, including "big rig" and 18-wheeler accidents, and can help you obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Big Rig or 18-Wheeler Accidents

We can handle your claim involving injury resulting from the negligence of “big rig” or 18-wheeler drivers and operators.  Such persons and their employers are required by federal law to have adequate rest periods and maintain their rigs in safe condition. Sometimes they fail to obey these laws and accidents result.

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Loss of Wages After a Truck Accident

You may have experienced loss of wages because of the injury. Certainly there is medical, chiropractic or other health care expense resulting from the injury. The law also provides for payment of monetary damages on account of “pain and suffering”  and “loss of enjoyment of life” resulting from the vehicular injury. At the Clayton Law Firm we can thoroughly review analyze your claim and determine  the types of monetary damages and their amounts that you are legally entitled to.

Legal Representation in a Truck Injury Case

Even if the responsible party has insurance coverage and that coverage is adequate to fairly compensate you, their insurer, attorneys and  claims adjusters frequently will try to deny you the just compensation that you deserve.  In that situation, an experienced and capable  attorney who is skilled in handling personal injury claims involving vehicular collisions and truck accidents is indispensable.

The Clayton Law Firm has years of experience in handling truck accident injury claims in the courts of our state of Louisiana. We have tried jury and non-jury (judge) cases in various courts and can provide the legal representation that you need.

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Free initial consultation in many cases