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The Clayton Law Firm, located in Slidell, Louisiana handles slip and fall injuries (also known as premises liability), and can help you obtain full and fair monetary compensation.

Injuries in Stores

It is not uncommon for  shoppers, patrons and other persons entering into grocery stores, department stores and other public places to experience injuries resulting from a dangerous condition in the store. For instance, in grocery stores there may be food, drink or other substances on the floor and you may not see it. A “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” accident may result.

Louisiana Law

In the State of Louisiana, our legislature has enacted La. R.S. 9:2800.6 to protect grocery, self-serve and department stores from personal injury claims by persons who come onto the premises. While it is true that some people “fake” or pretend to have been injured in the store, the innocent can be made to suffer with the guilty. This state statute can be used by skilled insurance defense attorneys and insurance claims adjusters to deny valid, just claims. You need an attorney skilled in handling “slip and fall”  and “trip and fall” claims.

Legal Representation

The Clayton Law Firm has considerable experience in handling premises liability cases and has been able to obtain full, fair monetary compensation for personal injury plaintiffs injured in stores.

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