“Whistleblower” Claims in Louisiana

Have you faced retaliation from an employer for being a "whistleblower"?

In some situations, Louisiana law provides legal remedies for employees who suffer retaliation from their employers because of  being “whistleblowers.”  Simply stated, a “whistleblower” is an employee who reports illegal acts of the employer. That employer may be a public entity or a private company.

Whistle blowers can be described as:

1) Employees who disclose or threaten to disclose  a work place act or practice  that is in violation of state law

2) Who provide information to or testify before a public body conducting an investigation hearing or inquiry into a violation of law

3) Who object to or refuse to participate in an employment act or practice that is in violation of law.

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Download a summary published by the State of Louisiana to describe the various whistleblower statutes of our state (PDF):

Cover of The Legislative Auditor's Summary & Review of Louisiana's Whistleblower Statutues report

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