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Maritime commerce, including shipping of goods, machinery, products and other cargos by use of  ocean-going vessels, barges on inland waterways, and by other over-water means, is an important part of American life and our economy. Congress recognized the dangers presented to longshoremen and dock workers by their dangerous occupation and wanted to provide them with a good legal remedy for work injuries.

Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

To put longshoremen and harbor worker injury law in context, in 1927, Congress enacted the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, (LHWCA) 33 U.S.C. Sec. 901, et seq.  The purpose of passing this law was to provide adequate legal  protection to longshoremen: dock workers who are involved in the process of loading and unloading vessels in navigation.

Expanded Definition of Longshoreman

In the years since the 1927 enactment of the LHWCA,  Congress and our courts have expanded the definition of “longshoreman,” resulting in many more injured workers being covered—not just dock workers.  However, with the decades of such changes, the complexity of LHWCA claims and litigation has increased.

Employer Defense Strategy

The employers of injured workers covered by the LHWCA frequently work hard at opposing  the claims of the injured worker. They hire skilled, experienced lawyers and spend much money in resisting the claims of the injured workers.

Legal Representation for Longshoreman and Dock Worker Injury Cases

You need someone skilled and experienced on your side. The Clayton Law Firm has represented many persons covered by the LHWCA over the years. Ben E. Clayton has handled LHWCA claims since shortly after he began practicing law in 1986.  He has tried  LHWCA  cases before various Administrative Law Judges. Draw on his experience and call him to arrange a free consultation.

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