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Use of Asbestos and Silica

At one time the use of asbestos was common in America as an insulating material in many things, such as roofing, flooring, in ships and in other industrial applications. Silica was commonly used in sand-blasting. However, it was  eventually determined that use of asbestos and silica in the workplace and elsewhere presented health hazards and could cause serious injury or even death.

Asbestos and Silica Exposure

Eventually the use of asbestos and silica or sand in those industrial and construction applications ceased, but unfortunately, many workers and other persons had already been exposed to enough asbestos or sand-blasting silica medium to cause diseases known  commonly as “asbestosis” or “silicosis.”    These diseases result in significant respiratory harm or even death and require expensive, ongoing medical treatment and monitoring. Asbestosis, silicosis and other “occupational diseases” can cause disability and impair your ability to function.

Get Testing and Treatment

If you are a former ship yard worker, factory worker or someone else who believes that he or she has been injured, resulting in an occupational disease like asbestosis, you should proceed with the necessary medical testing and treatment.

Legal Representation for Asbestos and Silica Exposure Cases

If you believe that you have received an occupational disease because of exposure to asbestos, sand blasting silica or another substance, the Clayton Law Firm can assist you in your quest for fair and full compensation.

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